24 things I’ve learned over the years

Today marks 24 years since we opened our doors at Jonathan Byrd’s. To be honest, it’s a bittersweet day. I’m so proud of what we’ve done the last (almost) quarter of a century (WOW!), but it also makes me miss my Jonathan all the more. I wish he was here to share in the day. I know he’d be so proud of our employees and the team here at Jonathan Byrd’s.

I live life trying to have fun at everything I do, while learning important lessons along the way. So, with that in mind, I wanted to share with you on our 24th anniversary of being in business 24 things I’ve learned over the years.

  1. Have fun in your work. Learn to be content whatever you put your hand to.
  2. Take the time to talk with others and learn about their lives.
  3. Treat people with respect—always.
  4. Market yourself—every business driven by sales
  5. Put a plan down on paper and see it through.
  6. Hire the right people who are a good fit for your organization.
  7. Help your employees discover what they do well—and then give them opportunities to shine and grow.
  8. Find good leaders to help carry your vision forward.
  9. Accept that you can’t do everything (which is why #8 is important).
  10. Make time for yourself as well. (For me, gardening is my release.)
  11. Make it a policy to have direct and open conversations.
  12. Recognize your employees.
  13. Thank those around you—often.
  14. Don’t be afraid to learn from others—you’ll never know it all.
  15. Sell something that you’re proud to put your name on.
  16. Don’t get too set in your ways—life is full of changes.
  17. Keep looking for challenges in life—it sharpens you and makes you better.
  18. Whatever do, turn it over to the Lord.
  19. Working and giving should go hand-in-hand, which is really what the hospitality business is all about!
  20. Be personal with those around.
  21. Practice hospitality.
  22. Be aware of the community in which you’re doing business.
  23. Look for opportunities to try new things.
  24. Never stop dreaming!


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