Family atmosphere makes JB’s great place to eat—and work

By Dianna Hargis, 20-year employee

Many people refer to me as the “drink cart lady” and I like that. I’ve bussed tables and worked the cafeteria line. Both of those jobs were fine. But with this carting position, I have the opportunity to interact with customers and get to know them. I love being with them in the dining room and talking to them about their lives. I’ve known some customers since I began here 20 years ago. I think of them like family and I think they feel the same way about me.

It’s no surprise that the Byrds helped establish the family atmosphere here. Mr. Byrd always taught us that the customer comes first. But he took care of employees, too. He did a lot of things for us, including special get-togethers and employee outings. And Mrs. Byrd is the nicest person, too. Over the years, she’s spent many days working right alongside us. What you see is the real thing. She always puts others first and modeled that to all of us for as long as I can remember.

It’s easy to see why I’ve stayed for 20 years. The people I work with are just as special as our customers. On a daily basis, I hear such positive things from people about the food, the atmosphere, the friendly servers—about everything here. People like our specials—particularly if they’re on a budget. And they like to bring their families to a place that serves healthy food fast.

I enjoy what I do and appreciate the flexible work schedule I have. I think our future will be even more exciting than our past. Good things are coming.

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