Thanking those who sacrfice for our country

Today is Veteran’s Day and I hope every person who reads this takes the time to really reflect on the importance of this day. As I like to say, “Freedom isn’t free.”

For ages, soldiers have fought and died so you and I can do what we do. The freedom we have on a daily basis – without even thinking about it – is a result of sacrifices made by our Armed Forces for as long as I’ve been alive and for many decades before that.

I don’t have any veterans in my immediate family, but I have a lot in my extended Jonathan Byrd’s family—from regular customers I see weekly to the Pearl Harbor survivors who meet here for lunch periodically. One of our long-time employees, Sheila, helped us really understand what these sacrifices mean for families. Her daughter and husband are both National Guard members. At one point, they were both serving overseas.

To all of these individuals and the thousands more, I say thank you. You have one of the most honorable jobs in America—and one that’s often thankless at that. It’s certainly not easy in today’s world, but I love this country and want to keep America strong. I am very grateful to all the men and women who have chosen to serve in this manner. Our country is better because of you. We salute you this Veteran’s Day.

p.s. Veterans always have a friend at Jonathan Byrd’s. We give active and retired veterans 10 percent off their order every day.

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