Starting to plan your next event can be a daunting task, regardless of how many events you’ve already planned and executed.  Timelines, guest lists, catering, dietary restrictions; the list of important details is endless.  Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of our top 13 FREE event planning printables to help make your life a little easier!

For the Detail Queen

Sometimes you just need to get all of the details written down and organize your thoughts so you don’t forget anything!  These printables have multiple pages so you can get all your thoughts in writing and you’ll probably be reminded of details you may have missed!

  1. Free Printable Party & Entertaining Planners – Eliza Ellis

This handy pack offers six different mix and match printables (in different color schemes!) that will help you plan everything from your event logistics to your shopping list!  It includes:

  • Entertaining Checklist that is a helpful overview of event details with a specialty BBQ/cookout section.
  • Bring a Plate Planner which is great for potlucks in order to remember who’s bringing what!
  • Dinner Party Planner that will ensure you don’t forget a single course of your fancy night.
  • Activity & Games List that will help you organize prizes, games, and instructions.
  • Party Shopping List which are incredibly helpful for any event you’re hosting.
  • Party To Do List that will make sure you have everything done for you big bash!

See part one HERE!

2. Party Planner – Sassaby Parties

Well Detail Queens, look no further than this handy dandy 14-page printable.  This packet has EVERYTHING you need, regardless of event type, to ensure your bash goes off without a hitch.  With a cute pastel carnival vibe, it’s everything you need to keep chugging along through the planning process.  Here’s a breakdown of the contents:

  • Event inspiration page with brainstorming area and basic event info
  • Guest List
  • Menu Planner
  • Shopping/Vendor List
  • Decor inspiration, ideas, and shopping list
  • Entertainment Sources
  • Party Checklist
  • Vendor Directory
  • Party Planning Timeline
  • Monthly/Weekly/Daily Schedules

So this bundle basically has everything to you need to put on the best party – no detail will be spared!

3. Party Planning Checklist – LaLa Confetti


So this bundle is really handy for birthdays, baby showers, and more intimate events.  It’s also very versatile because it provides you different options on food/meals, whether you need to work with a caterer or not, event location, and the different things that each type of venue may require (don’t forget the bug spray!), and a lot of decorating details and reminders!  It even has a list for “Thank You” cards!


It includes:


  • Basic overview of event along with food, decor, and things to do
  • Invite list & responses
  • Menu planning with separate sections for catering and potlucks
  • Split grocery list for 1 & 2 weeks out from event
  • Food prep to do
  • Decor prep based on location – home, outdoors, or restaurant
  • Things to do/fun times and what to purchase
  • Thank you list including gifts








For the Efficient Event Pro

So let’s say you’ve been around the block a few times and have planned a wedding here, a conference there, but still need a bit of a cheat sheet to make sure you didn’t miss any of those pesky details.  Here are a few simple check lists (some that are event-specific!) that are light on paper but packed in all the important deets.

4.  The Party Planning Checklist – Fantabulosity

So not only is this a handy tool as a to-do list, but it tells you when to do each thing too so you don’t fall behind!  This list would also be ideal for baby showers, birthdays, or any other event you’re hosting at home.  For a single page, this guy packs a punch, making sure you won’t event forget ice!

For the Specialty Event Planner

These printables are handy because they focus on certain types of events because let’s face it, some of the general checklists just don’t catch all the specific details (and no one wants to forget the rings!)

5.  The Corporate Event Planning Checklist – Tasty Catering

WE love this checklist because it really focuses attention on your attendees! Comfort is everything when it comes to maintaining your guests’ attention for a training or seminar – especially if you’re in the same room for 8 hours!  This list will remind you of everything from pens to lunch so you and your group can get down to business.  Need space for a corporate event around Indianapolis?  Be sure to consider 502 East Event Centre – check us out!

6.  Baby Shower Checklist – The Refurbished Life

Baby showers can sometimes seem like a fairly easy event to plan in comparison to a wedding, but that’s not always the case!  This useful one page checklist contains a ton of handy reminders to make sure you have a plan created so you’re not fumbling to figure out who’s going to be responsible for what on the day of.  This list also has additional religious to-do such as praying and time for affirming words.

7.  Kid’s Birthday Party Checklist – House Mix

This printable is perfect for the intimate in-home kid’s birthday!  This list makes it so easy, you could practically plan this event in an hour.  This list offers a menu so easy it might as well be a grocery list – talk about efficiency!  Don’t forget the candles! 🎂

8.  The Mitzvah Planning Worksheet –  Cutie Patootie Creations

Talk about a timeline!  This little number covers securing your date with your synagogue and brainstorming 2-3 years prior to your event. With all of the different (and exciting) elements for a mizvah, this list breaks it down.  Just keep in mind that you can also utilize some of the additional printables to supplement timeline planning, shopping, to-dos and vendor info.

For the Wonderful Wedding Planner
9. The Wedding Planning Binder – Happily Ever After, Etc.

First of all can we just appreciate that this sucker is FORTY TWO pages of organization bliss for free?  With tools like this, who event needs a wedding planner?  (No, we’re really joking, wedding planners and coordinators are incredibly valuable – don’t skimp!)  This guide will walk you through the entire process and all the details from lipstick color to honeymoon travel and accommodations.   We feel a sigh of relief coming on already!

10. 94 Questions to Ask your Wedding Venue – Your Bride Tribe

You probably never would have guessed there even are 94 questions to ask your wedding venue, but we can assure you there are!  Your Bride Tribe created this ah-mazing guide to make sure you know all the facts before you sign on the dotted line for your venue!  Note, there are a lot of questions about ceremony space as well, so if you’re booking your ceremony off-site, you probably won’t have to ask all 94.  Get ready to do some venue shopping!

For the Budget Boss
11.  Event Planning Budget – The Freebie Finding Mom

As we all know, budgeting is probably one of the toughest (and necessary) things to do when planning an event.  Luckily The Freebie Finding Mom has created a general spreadsheet to organize (and remember) all of the important elements to an event, so you don’t kind yourself spending $$$$$ when you wanted to spend $$$.

12.  Wedding Budget Checklist – The Wedding Report/The One/

Oh the infamous wedding budget – where do you begin?  This thorough checklist not only gives you a run down of all of the things you should plan for, but it gives you estimates on how much to spend in each category.  Plus, with a fun spring-y flower design, it’s cheery! Looking for an Indianapolis wedding Caterer? Check out our Wedding Packages!

13. Vendor Payment Plan – Printable Wedding Planner



So you already know all of your vendors and your budget – this printable is a lifesaver!  With a place for deposits, due dates, etc. you won’t be caught by surprise when vendors are hoping for a check (and it will show them you truly value their services) – win-win!  This could be used for events other than weddings as well and can be purchased as an editable .doc or as an entire packet.


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