Whether you’re planning a corporate training or a large family get-together, there are a lot of moving pieces to consider and food is definitely one of them!  So as a caterer to the Central Indiana area for nearly 30 years, we’ve complied a (prioritized!) list of things to have decided before you inquire about a catering!


Date and Timeline

The day and time of your event is the most critical piece of information when trying to book!  Once we know your date, we can look into our systems and see what other events we have scheduled that day to determine if we have availability.

Guest Estimates

Guest estimates for larger events are very important!  Staffing for a 500-guest plated meal is significantly different from a drop-off catering for 50.  Having an idea of how many guests you’re likely to have will help us staff appropriately for you event to ensure you and your guests the best service!


Your overall or per person budget will let us know what cuisine options we have fairly quickly.  With our knowledge and experience, we will be able to quickly provide you different options including stationed or passed hors d’oeuvres, plated or buffet style meal service, and even dessert selections.  reserved-186322_960_720


Where you hope to have your event and where people will be eating is very important to our staff for many reasons.  Our operations staff will have to account for travel time, set-up logistics, and communication with the venue.  We will also need to know how much cooking or prep can be done on-site at the venue to determine how much we can do in our catering kitchen to ensure you and your guests the highest-quality meal!  For a complete list of Catering by Jonathan Byrd’s partner venues, click here.

Dietary Restrictions

So you may not have even considered dietary restrictions yet, but these can be very important.  Our kitchen has no problem preparing Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, Dairy-Free, and Vegetarian options (usually at no additional cost!). The more lead time our Chef has on this, the better!
Even having insight to food preferences is helpful – for example, if you know your guests aren’t a fan of seafood, our sales representatives will work with you to develop a menu perfect for your attendees.

Drop us a comment below to let us know what else has been helpful for you when planning events!


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