Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

The following are a list of our most frequently asked questions (faq), but if you don’t find the information you’re looking for, please contact us!


Do you have catering minimums?
No, we do not have a financial minimum, but we do have a guest minimum of 30 or more people.

How much notice do I need to give to place an order?
To ensure we have enough staff, ingredients and culinary staff available, we prefer two weeks notice for an event of 300 or less. For larger events, the more notice the better!
Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?  If so, which ones?
Yes we can!  Some of the most common requests we have are for vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free.  We have also been known to create custom plates based on spices, butter, etc.  Just let us know what specialty plates you and your guests would need.

Can I keep my left over meals?
Unfortunately no, commercial food that sits out for two or more hours must be disposed of and is not fit for consumption.  

What is done with the left over meals from my event?
If there are any remaining meals that were not sent out for consumption, we are a loyal partner to Second Helpings, who has the opportunity to retrieve any extra meals to minimize waste and help provide for Indiana’s under served.

How long is my proposal guaranteed for after I receive it?
We can guarantee pricing on a proposal for up to 14 days after we have sent it out.  Past those 14 days, we cannot promise pricing or availability.  If you have finalized your decision after these 14 days, feel free to touch base with your event specialist to see if your quote has changed.


What is included in your service charge?
 Although this service charge is an industry standard, we would still like to explain this charge.  Depending on the size and details of your event, there is usually a couple days or weeks of work and a team of professionals that go into an event that the client never sees.  This includes menu creation, walkthroughs, purchasing and stocking raw ingredients and kitchen prep as well as maintaining our main commissary kitchen to prepare the bulk of your event.  Liability insurance and permits are also a factor.  A service charge of 22% is applied to all events.

Do you have a delivery charge?
Yes, we do.   Delivery fees vary on a lot of different things, including disposable versus china service, whether there’s a bar or not, and distance from our commissary kitchen.  Speak with your event specialist to establish details.

Is gratuity included in the bill?
No, gratuity is not included in the bill.  If you think your service staff deserves gratuity, please let your event specialist know or be sure to write it on the invoice.

Additional Services

Do you provide tastings?
Weddings – We do offer a monthly bridal tasting showcasing some of our most popular menu selections.  After booking your catering, a wedding specialist will find a tasting time that works for your schedule.

Corporate –  Typically we do not offer tastings for events with less than 200 guests, but we recognize each event is unique. When booking, an event specialist can help determine if a tasting is right for your event.

Do you have separate pricing for children’s meals?
Yes, we do!  We sure to inquire with your event specialist about children’s meals.

Can you host my bar or beverage service?
Yes!  Keep in mind, however, many venues (especially for weddings) provide their own bar, so you may not be able to utilize ours. See our Bar and Beverage Menu Here. 

Do you offer drop-off service?
Yes!  Please ask an event specialist for drop-off catering packages and pricing.  We recommend this type of service for smaller events and company lunches.

Can I upgrade my buffet by adding silverware, cloth napkins, or full china?
Yes, we absolutely can.  Once again, just let your event specialist know and we can provide you with options and pricing!

Can you create a custom menu for my event?
Yes!  Our Executive Chef loves creating fun, themed menus perfect for your event.  Whatever your concern is – budget, dietary restrictions, etc. – we can work with you to create a perfect menu for your event.


If your question wasn’t answered here, please contact us!

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