The new year is officially here which means it’s time for 502 East Event Centre and Catering by Jonathan Byrd’s to start making all of your wedding dreams come true. We are so excited for each and every bride-to-be and would love to help make your big day everything you’re hoping for. We know that sometimes the most difficult part of planning a wedding is deciding where to start and we are here to help! We’ve done our research and compiled a list of the top 5 wedding trends for 2020. We hope to help you get your creative juices flowing for everything from food to decor to fashion!

eco-friendly and sustainable wedding table display with flowers and recycled decorations, wedding trend

Wedding Trend #1 – Sustainability

Without a doubt the trend that is most agreed upon by experts is sustainable weddings. Couples will be keeping their carbon footprint in mind in many ways. Re-purposed or recycled wedding gowns, Eco-friendly flowers, and environmentally friendly vendors are near the top of the priority list for wedding focal points this upcoming year – and hopefully for years to come!

502 East Event Centre and Catering by Jonathan Byrd’s especially LOVES this trend as we are very cognizant of our carbon footprint. Our kitchen at the 502 East Event Centre is powered by solar panels and lit by LED lights. Our staff recycles all of our cardboard and aluminum products. Any extra food from our catering jobs is donated to Second Helpings Food Rescue, ensuring less food waste in our community. Additionally, all of our disposable service-ware is either recyclable or compostable. We love our planet and we are thrilled that this is included in the top 5 wedding trends!

specialty cocktail with lemon and garnish

Wedding Trend #2 – Unique Beverage Stations

Experts are predicting that there will be a large focus on a unique bar experience in 2020. While it’s a priority to make sure everyone at your wedding has a fabulous time – we can’t forget who everyone is there to celebrate – the happy couple! 

If the bar is a priority – go with a specialty cocktails crafted just for your special day or even a specialty liquor bar! Set up the bar with multiple choices/brands of your favorite liquor for your guests to sample throughout the evening. Who knows, they may even find a new “go-to” liquor thanks to you!

Did you know that we can create a unique cocktail just for your special day? We find that this adds a personal touch to your bar – and can potentially save you a bit of money! Ask our event coordinators for more information when planning your big day with us!

wedding menu on table features vegan and vegetarian options for wedding event, wedding trend

Wedding Trend #3 – Inclusive Wedding Menus

The importance of including all dietary restrictions will be trending in 2020! It’s safe to assume that there will be at least a handful of vegan and vegetarian guests attending your wedding. Couples are paying special attention to these details to ensure their guests feel included in the celebration – and what’s a celebration without a delicious meal?

Catering by Jonathan Byrd’s is always happy to cater to your guests dietary needs! Our culinary staff would love to help inspire you with some vegan/vegetarian options for your wedding day menu. Don’t forget to keep your event coordinator in the loop on any menu stipulations. We want to ensure everyone has a perfectly crafted and delicious meal to enjoy on your big day!

P.S. Don’t forget to include a checkbox for these options on your RSVP card.

intricate barrette on bride, top 2020 wedding trend

Wedding Trend #4 – Barrettes/Combs

Move over, tiaras! Intricate barrettes and combs are adding some extra special oomph to wedding day attire this year. Fear not, veils are still very popular as well! Many brides are using hairpieces for the reception after the veil comes off. This way she still has a picture-perfect, classic look even after the ceremony. 

Added bonus: these small details are exquisite subjects for your photographer to capture on your wedding day!

detailed table at a wedding event with greenery and candles, wedding trend

Wedding Trend #5 – Detailed Tablescapes

Couples are focusing on small details that exemplify their relationship and the things that make them unique as a couple! One of the most popular ways to achieve this is through the small details in the table decor. No matter the details, be it childhood photos, elements from your favorite books, or even a color palette that you love, personal touches are going to be front and center!

At 502 East Event Centre, we’re happy to help you plan the details that make your wedding the day of your dreams. Our event coordinators will go the extra mile to help you get everything just right!

Special thanks to The Knot and Harper’s Bazaar for their 2020 Wedding Insights that assisted this “top 5 wedding trends” compilation. Be sure to check out their lists for more inspiration!


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