New Year – New Menus. Our team is excited to introduce out new menu options for 2018 and we’ve updated our menus to include more selections that appeal to our client’s requests. We hope that when you see our new options, you’ll be so happy you chose Jonathan Byrd’s to cater your event!

Late Night Snacks

What’s New for our Brides and Grooms that choose to get married at 502 East Event Centre? Late Night Snacks! Busting moves on the dance floor is hard work; exercise can be fun with the right party. But when the dinner is done, and the cake has been cut, is there nothing left to do but dance and drink? Not anymore!


“Let’s Get Popin'” Late Night Snack

We’re now offering Late Night Snacks on our Wedding Menu for couples that have their reception at 502 East Event Centre. Whether you’re a fan of sweet or savory, we have what you need to keep the party energized. Our “Garden Harvest” snack station has fresh fruits and vegetables, yogurt dip, and zucchini bread. The “Let’s Get Poppin’” snack station has a variety of cheese, caramel, and butter popcorn with fun toppings for an added boost. The “Ice Cream Break” will help cool off your guests with a refreshing dessert. We bring our cart either full of novelties or we’ll provide an attendant to scoop ice cream for you. If you choose the scooped ice cream, you can count on us to bring toppings, so everyone can customize their own sundaes.

We feature these breaks for weddings at 502, but you can ask your Wedding Specialist about adding one to your catering package too!

candy bar

“CandyLand” Late Night Snack


Our Stations and Displays are what set your event apart from others. Our Clients adore our gigantic fruit & cheese displays. Stations are a lot of fun, as they are a great interactive way for your guests to choose their food that’s a fancier presentation than a buffet line. A station or display is great for a cocktail hour or after party, when your guests want something to nibble on without needing a whole meal. You are also allowed to choose multiple stations, so your guests can have several options.

cheese plate to go

Fruit & Cheese Display

Premiering on our 2018 menu are two stations we think our guests are really going to gobble up. Our new fondue station will have everyone sporting cheesy smiles when they see this. Our gourmet blend of creamy Gruyere, Grand Cru, and Fontina Cheeses with freshly grated spices pairs perfectly with French bread and vegetables for dipping.


New! Fondue Station

Another new station we’ve added to our roster is the slider station. Sliders have evolved so much since they first came on the scene. Sliders aren’t exclusively burgers anymore. We wanted to make sure all your guests can try them, so we asked out culinary team to create something new and exciting. Our sliders include a traditional beef slider with cheddar cheese and caramelized onions; A pork tenderloin slider with braised red cabbage and garlic aioli; and a vegetarian slider with a quinoa patty topped with grated zucchini, parmesan cheese, and roasted plum tomato.


There’s lots to consider when adding new menu items. Appetizers must not only taste great, have a decadent presentation, and must be able to transport well for catering. It’s not easy to meet these strict criteria on a cracker-sized bite. Our chefs here at Jonathan Byrd’s stepped up to the challenge and created a few new appetizers for our staff to try, and our lucky staff was able to sample them first! Here are of our two unanimous favorites:

If you love shrimp tacos or fajitas, you’ll devour our new Tequila Lime Shrimp Tostadas. We take tiny flour tortillas and cook them, so they maintain their shape, then we spread an avocado cream on the firm tortilla to hold pieces of grilled shrimp in place. The end result is an incredible little snack that will leave you asking for more!

shrimp edit

New! Shrimp Tostada Appetizer

For the vegetarians in your party, they will love the sweetness in our new crispy pita chip with local goat cheese and topped with peppadew peppers and a marinated olive. These little bites are surprisingly sweet and savory at the same time. They feature local goat cheeses from local Indiana farms, and at Jonathan Byrd’s we’re proud to maintain many local partnerships.

Is your mouth watering yet? These delicious new items are on our new menus at and Talk to your event specialist about adding any or all of these new items today!


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