With tons of online shops and a myriad of handmade creations for weddings – it’s tough to choose exactly which things you need for yours.  Luckily, we’ve made a list of ten local must-haves that will make your big day a blast!

1. Hand Lettered Acrylic Menu Cards by Blu3 Designs
From ethereal to shabby chic, these menu cards are so versatile, not to mention unique.  We’re loving this look with the distressed chargers.  Be sure to check out Blu3 Designs – they’re always updating with beautiful and unique stationary that will be sure to impress guests.

Indianapolis Acrylic Cake Topper

2. Custom Acrylic Cake Topper by Memories Engraving
If you and your partner are looking for a simple, yet elegant, cake topper, this one’s for you!  This custom acrylic topper features an intricate design and would complement almost any cake.  Plus, Memories Engraving hosts a ton of different options for cake toppers featuring monograms, seasonal motifs, and even a checked flag version for all of our Hoosier race fans out there!

Indianapolis Wedding Favor Bag

3.  Custom Printed Favor Pouch by Department of Everyday

The possibilities are ENDLESS with these sweet little drawstring favor pouches! Whether you’re a horticulture enthusiast and would like to gift your attendees with a variety of seeds to plant, local soaps, or our favorite – use them on your candy station so guests can grab a treat on their way out!  Really wanting to keep things local?  Check out Newfangled Confections or Litteraly Divine Chocolates.

Indianapolis Groomsmen Shot Glasses

4.  Shot Glasses for the Groomsmen by Elegant Bliss Designs
We’re loving these sweet little “thank you” gifts for groomsmen!  Don’t forget the Premium Bar Package , so everyone can have exactly what they want! Cheers!

Indianapolis Wedding Nautical Set

5. Nautical Bowtie and Suspenders Set by Beautiful4Baby
With more than 100 sets of suspenders and bowties to choose from, Beautiful4Baby definitely has something for your sweet little ring bearer (or fashion-forward guest!).  Whether you’re looking for something fun and playful or mature and handsome, you can find the perfect additions here! PS – if you can’t get enough of adorable ring bearers, Buzzfeed has complied a list of classy little guys that will melt your heart.

Indianapolis 3D Treats Custom Cookie Cutter

6. Custom Wedding Cookie Cutter by 3D Treats
Looking at making your own favors that will give guests a good laugh? Look no further than a cookie with your faces on it. Looking for something a little more modest?  This seller can also make a simple cutter with a heart with your names on it.

Bridesmaids Robes - Photo by Callaway Gable

7.  Embroidered Bridesmaid Robes by Key Your Spirit
Everyone loves a comfy satin robe!  Plus, these are perfect for a variety of fun (or more serious) photos with you and your bridesmaids! If you’re struggling to come up with photo ideas, check out Pinterest, of course.  These silky robes come in 17 different color options, along with countless font and embroidery color options so they’ll match your color scheme perfectly.

Indianapolis Wedding Cake Replica Ornament

8. Mini Wedding Cake Replica Ornament by CMYKlays
CMYKlays actually makes replica wedding cakes to remember your day!  We can’t get over how incredibly detailed and adorable these little guys are! A sweet (and unique) little trinket to remember your wedding.

Indianapolis Chevron Wedding Necklace

9. Chevron Wedding Date Necklace by Leos Mark
We’re suckers for anything custom, especially this beautiful and dainty chevron necklace from Leo’s Mark.  This lovely little number will match almost anything and is perfect for layering.  Be sure to checkout their store – they offer everything from engraved necklaces to lighters to keychains.

The First Year of Wedding Cards10. “The Romantic First Year of Marriage” by The First Year Of
Once all the fun and stress of the wedding is over, treat yourself to this sweet package that includes 12 cards to be read together every month. Each card has instructions for a fun and romantic activity to try!  These would be a perfect addition to date night or any time you want to celebrate and try something new.

We hope you enjoyed our top ten local must-haves for Indy brides!  Keep your eye out for any updates!  Let us know your favorite thing you purchased for your wedding from a local store below!


The Top 10 Local Wedding Must-Haves
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The Top 10 Local Wedding Must-Haves
Check out our list of our top 10 favorite local must-haves for your wedding! From prim & proper to shabby chic, we've got something for everyone.
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