With more than 1.3 million corporate and business events going on annually in the US, they’ve become an integral part of the corporate experience!  With the increasing need to build sales, educate and train new and existing employees, and boost corporate morale, corporate events are more important now than ever.  According to The Bizzabo Blog, 84 percent of event planners define an event’s success based on attendee satisfaction – not an increase in sales or retention of new concepts.  So here are some of our suggestions to boost attendee satisfaction (which may lead to increased morale and sales).  So we have our top 3 corporate event tips!


No, we’re not talking about a powerpoint (in fact, we advise against them).  Don’t wait until the actual event to incorporate tech either!  According to Enterprise Marketing, event tech can increase event attendance as much as 20 percent and increase productivity by 27 percent. Not sure how to incorporate it?  Some easy ways are to create a hashtag for your event and encourage people to post photos and informational tidbits. Create a temporary Snapchat geofilter related to your event so people are inclined to use it and let their friends who what they’re doing.  You can find info on that process on Snapchat’s site.  You can also purchase a design from sites like Snapdaddy or Buildsnaps, who actually can create a custom design.


Use a real-time polling site or app such as DirectPoll or Poll Everywhere.  These apps allow your audience to vote from their cell phone or laptop.  With these tools, you can ask a variety of questions that can help your content and presentation to ensure effectiveness.  Poll Everywhere actually integrates with Google slides too! Here are some shots of those in action –


Make them say WOW

Whether it’s an eclectic venue, elaborate A/V set up, beautiful tablescapes – impress your attendees!  Create an experience they are not only excited to attend, but want to tell people about and share on social media!

If you’re a little tight on budget, try hosting a reception after your event with passed appetizers and a game room with poker and blackjack, depending on your audience.  Here are a few photos for inspiration!


 Be interactive!

No one wants to sit in a windowless conference room for 8 hours,  have a deli sandwich for lunch, and listen to monotone speakers with underwhelming Powerpoints.  Not only do attendees not want those things – it makes for a terribly boring day.  Not the mention, they’ll always dread your events!

Unsure how to get your guests involved?  Try hosting breakout sessions that allow guests to choose which sessions they find most interesting and offering round table sessions.

If you have the option, feel free to incorporate games to your sessions – everyone loves a little friendly competition!  You can quiz attendees over new information, company history, or even about one another.  Checkout this “Family Feud” style game that Casino Party Planners hosted for Baldwin & Lyons’ holiday party. 

Looking for more ways to get your audience involved?  Check out this listof 9 Ideas to Spice Up Your Workshop and Engage your audience.




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