Last weekend, we had the honor of hosting a very high-end fire & ice themed event for a special client!  This specific client went all-out with the theme!  No detail went unnoticed, and all added up to a phenomenal gala.  Here are a new of our favorite details to give your event a little extra flair.


Everyone is accustomed to seeing the same old poly tablecloths in white or black.  If you’re really looking to spice up your event, consider doing different colors, upgrade your linen (a satin or crush shimmer is a great step up), or even add a runner to your table.  You can even get creative with the endless amount of napkin folds and presentations! For a few ideas, check out our Pinterest board!


Creating or purchasing custom centerpieces may be one of the easiest (and possibly least expensive) ways to upgrade your event.  Whether they’re floral, incorporate candles, or maybe even a table number, centerpieces are definitely a place to be creative.  Consider implementing your company or event’s colors and theme to really customize your tables!  Our Pinterest board has a few more ideas on centerpieces.

 Lighting and AudioVisual

Decked out tables are great, and do offer a “WOW” factor, but lighting and audiovisual offers another opportunity to really impress guests.  Uplighting is a simple way to really transform your venue, especially since it’s so easy to customize colors to match your event.  Another tool you can use is called a gobo.  It allows a logo, date, or shape to be displayed through a spotlight.  You see these a lot for weddings that shine down on the dance floor.


Everyone loves a unique favor at the end of an event.  Thank your guests and make them feel appreciated with something fun!  Some of our favorites include macaroons, cake pops, small plants (bonus points if they’re herbs!), and freshly cut flowers.  You might event consider letting your guests take your centerpieces home as favors as well!

Signature Drinks

Whether they’re alcoholic or not, signature drinks are always fun.  If you’re having a themed party, consider one the goes along!  At weddings or birthday parties, it’s fun to have a guest(s) of honor’s favorite drink on hand.  If nothing else, just make it match a color or two of the event.

Thanks for reading!  What are some of your favorite ways to make your event stand out? Let us know in the details below!


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