Why Should You Order JB’s On The Go?

Are you looking for a way to keep your team focused and motivated during a busy time of year or a long afternoon of meetings? Or are you just looking to do a little something extra for your employees to show your appreciation?

We have the perfect solution for you, and it won’t break the bank!

JB’s On The Go Business Catering provides a quick, easy, and delicious solution to all of your company’s lunchtime needs. Starting at just $11 per person, the diverse menu has something to offer that everyone in your office will enjoy. If that isn’t reason enough to order JB’s On The Go, here are a few more reasons:

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Get Inspired! Top 5 Wedding Trends for 2020.

The new year is officially here which means it’s time for 502 East Event Centre and Catering by Jonathan Byrd’s to start making all of your wedding dreams come true. We are so excited for each and every bride-to-be and would love to help make your big day everything you’re hoping for. We know that sometimes the most difficult part of planning a wedding is deciding where to start and we are here to help! We’ve done our research and compiled a list of the top 5 wedding trends for 2020. We hope to help you get your creative juices flowing for everything from food to decor to fashion!

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5 Reasons Why You Should Start Planning Your Christmas Party in July

It’s hard to believe that it’s already July and even harder to believe that December is less than 6 months away.  The end of the year is approaching fast and so is your company’s holiday party. What separates mediocre parties from amazing ones is the preparation.  Starting the planning process now will prevent issues and stress as the event gets closer. So here are 5 tips for why you should start planning your Holiday or end-of-the-year party now before it’s too late – straight from the event planning experts here at Catering by Jonathan Byrd’s!

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Partner Venue Spotlight: Daniel’s Vineyard

If you are an engaged couple looking for a picture-perfect vineyard wedding venue but are unable to fly to Napa Valley, you will be pleasantly surprised to find a beautiful vineyard right here in Central Indiana. For all the Indiana brides looking for a super chic winery venue, look no further than Jonathan Byrd’s newest Partner Venue: Daniel’s Vineyard.

Daniel’s Vineyard is nestled in McCordsville just off 86th Street and a block away from Geist Reservoir, but its beautiful landscape and unique décor make you think you’re in Napa Valley. Acres of vines surround the winding driveway as you approach the building, giving you a sense of privacy and exclusivity.

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5 Things to Tell Your Caterer to Make Sure You Have Incredible Food at Your Wedding

When planning a wedding you’ll want to make sure you provide food for your guests. How much you want to spend is up to you, but you don’t want to underdeliver. Whether your wedding is a small intimate affair at a private residence, or a rowdy party at a barn – Catering by Jonathan Byrd’s has great tips about what you should know before calling a wedding caterer.

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Winter 2019 Wrap-Up Blog

December and the Christmas season feels like it was a year ago instead of only 4 months, but we’ve been working so hard that it has all sort of blended together. The next thing we know – it’s Spring! We’re playing catch-up and filling you in with some of the best of the events we have either hosted at 502 East or catered all over central Indiana.

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Jonathan Byrd’s Partners with Janus Developmental Services

The Catering by Jonathan Byrd’s team hosts many events for non-profit and community organizations throughout the year at the 502 East Event Centre, but none of them touches our hearts like Janus does.

Janus is a group that provides education, job training, and skill development to disabled adults to give them the opportunity to contribute within the community. Programs within Janus help these adults with job training, education, and independent living.  Since 1979, Janus services have provided individuals the opportunity to hold jobs, develop interpersonal skills, explore new interests and live more independent and fulfilled lives. These disabled adults are referred to as “clients,” and there is really no limit to what they can do. 

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2019 Wedding Trends

When you become engaged, everyone wants to know your wedding plans even before you’ve clicked on Pinterest!   If your 2019 “Wedding To-Do List” is stressing you out, don’t sweat it. You’re not alone!  Taylor Leavell is not only the Wedding Specialist here at 502 Event Centre, she is also currently planning her own wedding! Taylor knows firsthand how stressful it is to navigate through the planning process, but nothing excites her more than talking about wedding details. Please keep reading to see the top wedding trends of 2019 and a few valuable tips that will inspire you…  

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Review – Accelerent

Indianapolis is a booming city that continues to grow each day. With major tech companies locating to the Hoosier state and new small businesses starting all the time, how do all these businesses connect with other?

Within the city are a plethora of networking groups which are divided based on age, gender, location, and industry. And while joining these smaller groups is helpful, you can sometimes find yourself trapped in a bubble. You might find that you’re not reaching your target consumer – only your competition, or maybe your networking group just doesn’t have an outside perspective. That’s where Accelerent comes in.

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November 2018 Wrap Up Blog

Adults and Children of all ages will never forget some of our incredible November events! We were proud to provide food and space for many charity events, coming-of-age parties, and not one, but two Disney-themed celebrations! These events will surely go down in our history like a tale as old as time.


Ben’s Bar Mitzvah

It’s not everyday that a young man turns the big 1-3. Ben wanted his Bar Mitzvah to be the talk of the town with lots of balloons, music, food, and games! Guests drank glow-in-the-dark mocktails (and there were cocktails for the chaperones), and enjoyed a meal complete with a live-action wing station, a corn risotto station, and ice cream from a giant shoe box for dessert!

Catering by Jonathan Byrd’s understands how important Bar/Bat Mitzvahs are to families and that’s why we work with you to meet religious and dietary restrictions, without ruining everyone’s fun. No matter the celebration, we aim to make it a hit for guests of all ages.

Pictures Courtesy Of The Frugal Photographer

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October 2018 Wrap Up Blog

October weather in Central Indiana can be hard to predict. One minute its sunny, the next its windy and rainy. Like the weather, Jonathan Byrd’s transitions fast between events as well. Whether it’s a small catering to a big wedding or transitioning from a large conference into multiple meetings, at Catering by Jonathan Byrd’s and 502 East Event Centre, we’re ready for anything our guests (or the weather) throws at us. Continue reading to see some of the events we hosted and catered at this October.

Ritchie – Hammersley Wedding

Missy and Travis gathered at 502 in front of all their friends and family. Not just their human family, but their four-legged one as well. Bridesmaids walked down the aisle with the couple’s 3 dogs. Missy and Travis took pictures at the nearby Center for the Performing Arts and then had their ceremony and reception at 502! Congratulations to the beautiful couple!

Photos Courtesy of Rakoteet Photography 

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September 2018 Wrap Up

September for us means Fall, Fabulous Events, and Fresh Produce! We’ve been having a great time being a part of some unique events throughout all of Central Indiana this month, including events at 502 East Event Centre. Keep reading to see some of the special events that kicked off the fall season.

Patel Wedding

Samir and Pooja knew that having a three-day wedding extravaganza meant they would need a lot of space for all their ceremonies, receptions, and wardrobe changes. So rather than booking three different venues for each ceremony, they came to 502 East Event Centre and had their Mehndi, Vihdi, Garba, Baraat, wedding ceremony, multiple luncheons, and wedding receptions during Labor Day Weekend. We were stunned by all the intricate décor and dramatic backdrop changes. Congratulations to the beautiful couple!

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